Interpretations of resin and fabric. This latest design from Mirage of Italy, a material effect that in each setting blends along with the soft texture and smooth, even appearance of resin.

    Remimisant of worn painted timber with a 3D effect
  • Prissmacer BETON SERIES

    Affordable large format floor tiles from Spain 750x750
  • Mirage Reve Series
  • Reve Series By Mirage

    Interpretations of resin and fabric.
    This latest design from Mirage of Italy, a material effect that in each setting blends along with the soft texture and smooth, even appearance of resin.

  • Transition Series By Mirage

    Red Dot Design Award winner 2016.
    Create dramatic effects with subtle tonal changes

  • Mirage Transition
  • Beton Series
  • Beton Series By Prissmacer

    A modern 750x750 recified porcelain with a soft lapatto finish

  • Carpet Series By Aparici

    Huge format 1000x1000 tiles with a worn carpet print.

  • Carpet Sand
  • Pobels by Saloni
  • Pobles Series By Saloni

    Traditional motifs in small format

  • Legend Series By Saloni

    200x1200 and 600x1200 format tiles with a soft
    cement finish with a matching decorator tile

  • Legend Gris
  • Up!
  • Up! Series By Saloni

    Modern plank format tiles with decors to suite

  • Bistrot Series By Settacento

    Distressed painted timber floor blanks

  • Bistrot Bianco
  • Bellingen Ash
  • Bellingen Series By National Ceramics

    Unique combination of timber and wood patterns create this warm floor tile

  • Calacatta Series By National Ceramics

    The look of a traditional calacatta marble floor without the maintenance or price.

  • NCI Calacatta
  • Cementum 15
  • Cementum 15 Series By Nanda

    Classic Decorators and tiles

  • Quarz Series By Saloni

    Large format lapatto finish with a matching codex textured finish

  • Quarz
  • Des Alps
  • Des Alps Series By Settacento

    Natural split stone textured tile in large format and plank.

  • Gea Esagona Series By Settacento

    Handmade effect floor tile in a hexagonal shape

  • Gea Esagona
  • Livingstone
  • Livingstone Series By National Ceramics

    A real stone look with medium pattern and colour variation

  • Nagano Series By National Ceramics

    Worn cement look

  • Nagano
  • Rocky Mountain
  • Rocky Mountain Series By National Ceramics

    Affordable and durable wood look ceramic floor

  • Satin Series By National Ceramics

    Classic Black & White

  • Satin
  • Stellar
  • Stellar Series By National Ceramics

    Soft stone effect with minimal colour movement but lots of subtle patterns

  • Timberland Series By National Ceramics

    Affordable and durable rustic wood look ceramic floor

  • Timberland
  • Stellar
  • Terre Series By Aparici

    A new twist on terracotta

  • Tradicion Series By Prissmacer

    Soft lapatto finish with matching Moroccan inspired decor tiles

  • Tradicion
  • Stellar
  • Ultra Series By National Ceramics

    Reminiscent of an old Barcelona floor worn through the years, the Ultrawhite series comes in a random selection of thirty two different prints.

  • Stromboli Series By Mayor

    Natural limestone pool tiles.
    (Available with pool edge and drain details as special order)

  • Stromboli
  • Natucer Concret Chevron
  • Concret Chevron Series By Natucer

    Geometrical design in three colours

  • Urban Stone Series By Prissmacer

    Neutral toned pressed full body porcelain tiles

  • Prissmacer Urban Stone
  • Mirage Koru
  • Koru Series By Mirage

    Large format timber plank

  • Athens Series By National Ceramics

    Soft neutral toned limestone look floor tiles

  • National Ceramics Athens Series
  • Aparici Kilim
  • Kilim Series By Aparici

    Amazing middle eastern kilim rug in everlasting porcelain tiles

  • Midtown Series By National Ceramics

    Cement look tiles with random decor insets included.

  • National Ceramics Midtown Series
  • Alpine
  • Alpine Series

    Natural Stone effect floor tile

  • Portland Series

    Rustic natural concrete

  • Borgogna
  • Industry Series
  • Industry Series

    Porcelain tile that reflects the look of concrete and timber formwork

  • Legno Series

    Rustic timber plank series

  • Legno
  • Industry Series
  • Stoneplus Series

    A real marble effect tile in matt and gloss

  • Tivoli Series

    A classical high gloss marble tile

  • Tivoli
  • Industry Series
  • Mars Series By Geotile

    Corten Steel floor and wall tile

  • Martulio Series By Geotile

    Limestone effect large format floor tile

  • Tivoli
  • Statuary Series
  • Statuary Series By Geotile

    Traditional Carrara effect

  • Start Series By Prissmacer

    Neutral palet limestone tiles in interior and exterior finishes

  • Start
  • Hood
  • Hood Series By Prissmacer

    Rustic timber effect in large planks

  • Inside21 Series By Settecento

    Worn concrete effect

  • Inside21
  • roden
  • Roden Series By Geotile

    Limestone effect

  • Wingham Series By NCI

    Modern stone

  • wingham